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Our Roofing Services

At Mendez Construction LLC, we offer a comprehensive range of professional roofing services for both commercial and residential properties.


Metal Roofing

Our metal roofing services offer durability, longevity, and exceptional protection for your property.


T.P.O (Thermoplastic Olefin)

T.P.O. (Thermoplastic Olefin) roofing is a popular choice for commercial properties due to its energy efficiency and durability.


Shingle Roofing

Tile roofs are a classic and versatile choice for residential properties. We offer professional installation and repair services for all types of shingles.


Wood Shakes

Wood shakes offers a natural and rustic appeal to homes. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of wood shakes roofs.


Slate Roofing

For a timeless and elegant look, our slate roofing services are the perfect choice. Our expert craftsmen handle the intricate installation of slate roofs.

Commercial Services

We specialize in commercial solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses.

Residential Services

Our residential services are designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

Our Working Process



Our working process begins with a thorough consultation where we discuss your needs, preferences, and budget. We take the time to understand your goals in time.



Based on the information gathered during the consultation, we provide a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, materials to be used, project timeline, and cost estimates.



Once you approve the proposal, our experienced team of professionals will begin the installation or repair process according to the initial plan.



After the installation is complete, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that the roof meets our stringent quality standards and adheres to all building codes and regulations.

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